Solidarity project Covid-19

With this project, the Foundation aims to provide support to disadvantaged populations, who are the most severely impacted by the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic, by strengthening their financial capacity to meet their basic needs throughout the period of the outbreak.

As part of the coronavirus pandemic, the Gabonese government has taken important measures to limit the spread of the virus in the country, including limiting non-essential contacts, banning gatherings, and closing businesses except for food shops.

These measures are leading to a decline in national economic activity, which has negative consequences on the income of the population. Low-income families and vulnerable people are more affected by this pandemic which accentuates the social divide.

To help those people living in precarity to get through this challenging period with dignity, the Foundation has launched a project to distribute food aid and donate hydroalcoholic gels and protective masks.

As part of this initiative, the Foundation is collaborating with the Gabonese Red Cross, religious representatives and our partner associations which have identified economically weak families whom they have supported for several years.

From now on, join us on Medium:

  • Raise awareness about the coronavirus among vulnerable people 
  • Provide food aid to disadvantaged people throughout the period of the pandemic
  • Help vulnerable people to protect themselves effectively against the coronavirus