La Maison d'Alice

Maison d’Alice will make access to treatment easier for patients by providing, during their out- patient care, free accommodation accompanied with psychological and social support.

The goals of the centre

  • Improve the psychological and social conditions for patients to reduce the number of patients abandoning their treatment and help increase recovery rates. 
  • Provide lodgings for out-patients during their treatment and, in some instances, for a family member. 
  • Ensure that out-patients complete their treatment, especially those in chemotherapy and radiotherapy 
  • Provide psychological support and counselling 
  • Provide information and education on screening, diagnosing and treating cancers. 
  • Help patients with administrative issues, organize classes and fun events for sick children.     
  • To provide moral and psychological support.

Priority is given to the following patients 

  • Women and children suffering from cancer and going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • Patients living a long way from the hospital
  • Patients with no possibility of staying with relatives or friends in Libreville and surrounding districts 
  • Low-income patients 
  • A family member of the patient 

The key figures of cancer

  • 20% of patients interrupt their treatment owing to the lack of accomodation in Libreville (data 2013)
  • 400 women die a year from feminine cancers (data 2013)
  • 20 individual studios with outdoor area to accommodate patients,
  • including 4 studios dedicated to children and their parents